Monday, February 21, 2011

Mantis Warriors Painting Tutorial

A couple of weeks ago Rath of Un asked if I could post a tutorial on how I paint my Mantis Warriors. Most recently on my painting table I've been trying to finish a 10 man Assault Squad so here we go!

Step 1:
Over a black prime I apply GW Knarloc Green Foundation as the base coat, being careful to leave a black line around and edges within the armor. Any areas what will be gold later (such as the breast plate eagle and skulls on the helmet, weapons or backpack) as well as the leather pouches and pistol holster are painted Calthan Brown. The metal on the gun and chain sword are painted Boltgun Metal.

 Step 2:
I removed the jump pack for easier access to paint the shoulder pads for later on. The helmet lenses are painted Mechrite Red. All the metal areas are Badab Black Washed. The breast plate eagle, as well as all the skulls that were painted brown are now painted Dwarf Bronze. Be sure to leave the inner edges of the eagle brown to give it a shadowed look. Finally all the leather and gold details are given a Devlan Mud Wash.

Step 3:
On to the Highlighting stage, almost done! The helmet lenses are highlighted with Blazing Orange. The metal areas are highlighted with Chainmail. The black edges on the chain sword and the pistol are highlighted with Adeptus Battlegrey. The brown details are highlighted with Vermin Brown. 

Step 4:
Before gluing the jump pack back on I painted the Assault Marine X onto the shoulder. First I used Iyanden Darksun Foundation for a base coat. On top of the base coat I brighten the Yellow up with Sunburst Yellow. It is important to use the foundation paint first because it would otherwise take a ridiculous number of Sunburst coats over the green.  

Step 5:
Finally I highlighted the armor with Scorpion Green before making any final touch ups to the model.

~Can anyone guess what metal model this Assault Marine was before he got a green coat? If you have any other requests for posts please let me know!


  1. Cool thanks for the tutorial!!! It is good to see what other people are doing to paint their Mantis warriors.

    As for what the Assault Marine was before, I would say a Metal Death Company Marine?!?!

  2. Bingo! haha Originally I picked him up to be a Death Watch Marine but oh well.


  3. What's "warahmmer fun"?

    -The Spelling Police

    PS> Nice work!

  4. Excellent. Just staring my Mantis Warriors for a Badab War campaign. Thanks.