Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lucius Ruber-2nd Company Standard Bearer

Lucius Ruber- 2nd Company Standard Bearer
On the planet of  Endymion, Lucius Ruber picked up the fallen company standard and ran through the Ork War Boss Black Eyez who had just killed the entire 2nd Company command squad and captain. Even with the loss of his left arm, Lucius did not drop the banner. Upon being promoted to Captain, Mantodea assigned Lucius Ruber to Banner Bearer in his newly formed command squad in honor of his heroic deeds.

I was stuck trying to figure out how to paint the banner but props where props are due I totally copied Silar over at Fallen Princes. My spacing on the letters isn't the best but considering this is my biggest free hand ever attempted, I am pleased with the result.


  1. Nice dude that looks killer. Free hand is easily the hardest thing about painting these guys and you did a great job (like silar) on such a large piece!

  2. Thought it looked familiar. Still a great job - well done!

  3. Love the look of the banner, I really like the Galaxy, it looks sharp! I'm not going to Lie I am totally stealing that idea for a Banner that I am working on.

  4. Thanks guys, the best thing about the Badab bloggers is borrowing ideas!