Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1st Company Captain Hoenir-Hero of Tranquility

1st Company Captain Hoenir

Captain Hoenir was the most highly decorated Sternguard Sergeant in the chapter's history, so it was no surprise when he was promoted to 1st Company Captain in the midst of the Badab war. During the siege of Tranquility Hoenir shed his Tactical Dreadnought Armor, which is typically recognized as a badge of office for Captains of the 1st Company, and donned a specially made suit of Artificer armor so he could personally lead units of Sternguard snipers in ambushes against the Carcharodon chapter.

This is the last bright yellow model in my Mantis Warriors! They are such a headache. I plan on using Captain Hoenir as a counts as Cato Sicarius in an upcoming tournament. I am currently trying to expand my Mantis Warriors collection so I can field competitive lists without Kahn, which means I'll be fielding Sicarius a lot more in the near future.


  1. He looks freakin' awesome dude. It may be painful but you are nailing that camo pattern hard. This post in general just reminds me of my post about my Space Sharks Cpt. Kundera - who ironically I used as Khan this past weekend recreating your "deathstar" (hey I was painting up my "Cassius") remembering to outflank in first game would've been smart! Second game they tore through everything - definitely scary!

    Speaking of which, I don't see any pics of your counts as Khan - I wanna see a post on him! Also a pic of everything painted in tranquility pattern would be awesome - they are so nice. That being said I think this guy could use a little green to better tie him in - maybe the cloak or loincloth?

  2. Thanks for the positive comments Tristan. I am glad to see you are entering some models into the Badab character competition. I hope to as well.

    Until I get a chance to post pics of my "counts as Khan" model here, you can see him on the FLoT site http://theflylordsofterra.blogspot.com/2011/03/thursday-game-night-photo-time.html
    (He is the one at the bottom with the Mantis talons).

    Thanks again and I added your blog to my roll.


  3. Ha sweet, like the twin blades!

    Thanks for your comment on Laufrey - what do you think of the chain blade being modeled on his bolt pistol?