Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Exodite Dragon Friends!

Using the Lizardmen painting guide on the GW website I painted up my first three "counts as" Khymeras. Goatboy pointed out that there are cheaper ways of doing it, and that these models are a bit big for what they reprosent, but fielding an army of Exodites is about being cool so I am very happy with the way they tuned out.

Next up are a couple of Razorwing Flocks before going back and painting the remainder of the Beastmasters. Wish me motivation because this single 208 point unit is going to take me all of January to paint...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Exodite Beastmaster

I am very excited to finally have my first Dark Eldar model painted. Well it is an Exodite but it is for my upcoming Dark Eldar army. Since they don't really have models for the beasts I decided it would be fun to use Exodite Dragon Riders as the masters and use various dinosaurs as the beasts. So far I've got Lizaedmen Salamanders and Razordons as my Khymeras and am working over ideas for the other monsters.