Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nurgle Daemon Prince (and friends)

So this guy might not be as fat as I would have liked but I gave myself one week to sculpt him and one week to paint him. Considering the time frame I am quite pleased with the results. If anything I really want to buy a second plastic Daemon Prince and take another crack at it!

This is my Nurgle army as it currently stands. I still need to build and paint one more Rhino and two more Oblits to be ready for WarGames Con Team tournament with Aventine. 
Wish me pus!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nurgle Oblits! now with paint

Finally paint on my two Oblits! I still have two more to build and paint before WarGames Con but progress is being made, and these two are still not 100%, still with some highlighting and on their guns and the smoke stacks on their backs.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Imperial Guard List Thoughts: 2000pts

I've been out of town a lot lately for work which has kept me from making a proper post, but I've been making good progress on my Nurgle Army for WarGames Con-Team Tournament next month. Look for pictures this weekend!

After WarGames Con is over I plan on putting the Mantis Warriors aside for the rest of the year and instead concentrate of making my IG army competitive and (more importantly) fun to play with again. I had a lot of success with my IG back when the 5th edition codex came out, but eventually they became boring and difficult to win with against the speed to Blood Angels.

Below is a hybrid mech/swarm list I would like to try out. It has a lot of scoring units, with plenty of mobility and a couple of decent tar pit units (30 man blob squad w/ commissar and an Armored sentinel).  Normally my lists have a lot of outflanking units but this army takes the enemy straight on will hopefully hold out.

(120) Command HQ; plasma gun*4, plasma pistol
(55) Chimera

(50) Platoon Command; flamer*4
(55) Chimera
(110) Infantry Squad; power weapon, grenade launcher, commissar; power weapon
(65) Infantry Squad; power weapon, grenade launcher
(65) Infantry Squad; power weapon, grenade launcher

(55) Infantry Squad; flamer
(55) Chimera
(75) Heavy Weapon Squad; auto cannon*3
(90) Heavy Weapon Squad; missile launcher*3

(125) Veterans*10; plasma gun*3, plasma pistol
(125) Veterans*10; plasma gun*3, plasma pistol
(110) Veterans*10; melta*3, plasma pistol
(55) Chimera
(100) Valkyrie
(100) Valkyrie
(80) Armored Sentinel; lascannon, camo netting

(170) Battle Tank; heavy bolter*3

(180) Demolisher Tank; las cannon

(160) Manticore

I know this list is pretty typical of IG with nothing too crazy but any thoughts would be helpful.