Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Witch Hunter Warband

Mordheim; possibly my favorite spinoff game that GW made. Aventine over at Zen40k and I have been talking about starting up another campaign. He posted a picture of a painted Ghoul for his new warband, and that has inspired me to start a new warband as well. Above is a picture of a Bounty Hunter Hired Sword that I made, but will be my Witch Hunter Captain. I already had a Warrior Priest Hired Sword and some Warhounds from another warband and I converted a couple of Reiklander Youngbloods into Zealots. Recently I won a box of Flagellants at a 40k tournament which rounded out the rest of the models I will need.

Witch Hunter Warband
Captain; cross bow, pistol, sword            
Witch Hunter; cross bow, axe                        
Witch Hunter; cross bow, mace            
Witch Hunter; pistol, sword                       
Warrior Priest; hammer, shield, light armor            

Flagellant; flail                                    
Flagellant; great weapon                        
Zealot; spear, shield, short bow            

Tactics wise the group in Austin plays with shields giving +2 save in combat and armor is half priced. This will allow the Zealot to be a decent body guard to receive charges and will also protect the expensive Warrior Priest. The two Witch Hunters with Crossbows will sit back and snipe while the rest of the Heroes will advance forward with the Henchmen in front.  

Post Game: I'd like the Captain to get Nimble so he can shoot while he advances with the rest of his band. I can also hope that one of my Flagellants gets 'Lads got Talent' and Strong Man with a great sword.

I want this warband to have a mix of shooting and combat without Crossbow spam. There are also a lot of Hired Swords I would like to add, but that is for another article.                             


  1. I guess the Witch Hunters can't hire the Bounty Hunter? What are you making your witch hunter heroes out of?

  2. Bounty Hunter wont be allowed (no body liked it when I used him anyway haha).

    Captain: above
    Warrior Priest: House Cawdor Necromunda ganger with shield and hammer added
    Witch Hunter: I found a metal WH in NY, the one holding the torch in the air and has an axe at his side. Im going to switch his axe for a sword.
    Witch Hunter 2&3: going to convert them out of the Flagellants. Lots of putty...