Friday, March 25, 2011

1500 Mantis Warriors List for FLAGS Tournament

Every first Saturday of the month Dragon's Lair in Austin, TX hosts a free 40k tournament. Most months it is a straight up three round tournament using the three missions and deployments out of the rule book with a few bonus points thrown in. The fourth tournament of the year is coming up and I am getting ready to take my Mantis Warriors to battle.

A couple of interesting things to note about the tournament in April is that it's 1500pts (what is this, England?!) and it's the same weekend as Adepticon. This means a lot of the usual (and honestly more competitive) subjects wont be around so I'm hoping I can place and grab some free loot!

Mantis Warriors 
(200) Sicarius

(125) Librarian; terminator armor, gate of infinity, avenger

(135) Sternguard*5; combi-plasma*2
(80) Razorback; las cannon & twin plasma gun, dozer blaze

(200) Assault Terminators*5; thunder hammers*3, lightning claws*2

(210) Terminators*5; heavy flamer, chain fist

(210) Tactical Squad*10; power fist, combi-melta, melta gun, missile launcher
(35) Rhino

(220) Tactical Squad*10; power fist, combi-melta, melta gun, las cannon
(35) Rhino

(50) Attack Bike; multi-melta

This is a different list than I have been running recently. Dropping down to 1500pts I really couldn't bring myself to include the Land Raider, and if I wasn't going to take that then Kahn had to go too. I've tried Sicarius a few times in the past and found him to be a lot of fun and his ability to improve one of my Tactical Squads should come in handy since I've only taken two scoring units. 

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  1. That tournament is going to be fun!!

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