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4/2/2010 FLAGS Tournament- Results

While most of the more competitive players from ATX were at Adepticon yesterday, there was a FLAGS tournament that I participated in. The list I used can be found here, unfortunately I forgot my camera but will make do...

Round 1: Seize Ground (5 objectives), Pitched Battle, Bonus: +3pts for killing an HQ & +3pts if you kill player's choice unit.
Opponenet: Crusher Joe: Star Phantoms!!! (SM w/ Vulkan)
List: Vulkan, 7 TH/SS termis in Crusader, 10 Tacticals in HB Razorback, 10 Tacticals in HB Razorback, 5 Scouts in Storm, 5 Sternguard in Rhino

With 5 objectives spread out all over the place I combat squaded the las cannon and threw the 5 bros and Sicarius in the Assault Cannon Razorback and gave the 10 man tac unit in Rhino outflank. I deep struck the shooty termis and deployed Assault Termis with Librarian. Devs set up in open with clear line of site to all 5 objectives.
Joe set up 5 tac on objective, 5 in razorback and sterguard on one flank opposite sicarius while the other tac set up the same way next to Crusaider on the other side of the board oposite las-plas razorback, devs and assault termis and outflanked storm w/ scouts.

I took the first turn and had excelent shooting phase taking out two transports and 6 marines across the board while Joe rolled 5-2's in a row despite twin-linked meltas doing nothing. During the game I knew I couldn't take a charge from his terminators and Vulken so I used both terminator units to bait and draw his Crusaider w/ termis back and forth while only conceding the shooty terminators to assault. While on the other side, with a little help from my las cannon and twin assault cannon razorback, Sicarius and his 5 man combat squad took out 10 marines and 5 sternguard and scored my only two objectives. The game only lasted 5 turns, and when it ended the majority of both our armies were within 12" of one objective which he scored. I killed his chosen unit and no HQs died.
Result: 2-1 objectives (minor victory+3 bonus pts)

Round 2: Kill Points, Dawn of War, Bonus: 5 objectives, anyone can score, +1 bonus for each one scored
Opponenet: Wes: Flesh Terrors
List: Seth w/ Assault Terminators in Storm Raven, 2*Assault Squad in Rhino, missile devs, 2*Baals w/ Flame storm cannon, 2*MM Attack Bikes

Since the game was kill points and DoW I decided to combat squad the Las Cannon tac squad and give them tank hunters. Everything else came on first turn. We traded shots for a few turns and I got super lucky with killing both Baals turn 2 after they dropped their smoke. My St10 Las also took down the Storm Raven while my Shooty Terminators ran across the board to take out his Devs. Seth was taken out by a thunder hammer, Sicarius ran off the board, and my Librarian periled the first time he used a power for the second game in a row! In the end Wes had nine assault marines left straddled across two objectives while I had 4 shooty termis, a lone las cannon, and a pf sergeant left... bloody indeed.
Result: 9KP to 7KP (major victory+2 bonus pts)

Round: 3 Capture and Control/Spear Head, Bonus:+3pts for most expensive unit, +3pts for least expensive unit
Opponent: Crazy Red Pretorian: Space Wolves
List: Thunder Wolf Lord w/ storm shield, pf, and runic armor w/ 4 Thunder Wolves w/ gear, 1 Wolf Lord w/ storm shield and frost blade w/ 15 baby wolves, 5 missile Long Fangs, 8 man Hunters in Rhino, 7 Hunters in Rhino, 5 Hunters on foot.

Going into round three I was a little worried. Despite winning both games up until this point there were still 4 players with higher scores than me. Also the (according to the FLAGS rules) the only way to get max points is to wipe the opponent, otherwise it is a minor for getting one objective or a major for two. Crazy Red Praetorian also had the most competitive list on the day so my work was cut out for me... that is, if we rolled average.

This game was over in a hurry so I wont go into all the details of deployment. He got first turn and drove both rhinos up, one behind cover, one with smoke. I shoot 5 heavy weapons at the covered Rhino, all hit, all penned, all saved... ouch. Next he moves from cover but pops smoke... again all shots saved. At this point we started to joke about his awesome rolling which must have jinksed him cuz what happened next was horrible...
bottom turn 2: Librarian drops in with Assault Terminators
top turn 3: Lord and 4 Thunder wolves charge terminators, I pass all storm shields, I do three wounds which get spread around (none die), he looses by three, fails Ld and runs off the board (700points gone without losing a model).
bottom turn 3: shoot terminators deep strike next to 15 baby wolves and thunder wolf lord, heavy flamer and bolters kill 7 wolves (wolf lord unharmed), failed Ld and ran off the board (300points gone without losing a wound).
After that it was just a matter of mopping up the last 500points of his army uncontested.
Result: Opponent Tabled (Massacre+ 6 bonus points)

With a Minor, Major and a Massacre on the day I came in with 67 battle points awarding me 2nd place. My buddy Bully Mike edged me out by 2 points, and to think, he texted me this morning unsure if he was going to come...

Over all a great tournament, 1500 points was a refreshingly easy size and all three of my games ended early. I really enjoyed using Sicarius, especially at such a small points level, where the Veteran Skills and Ld10 across the army came in handy every game. As a prize I grabbed some Chaos Terminators which I hope to Nurgle up in the near future.

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