Monday, May 16, 2011

Alamo 40K IGT Coverage

About Wednesday I decided to go to the Alamo 40K tournament in San Antonio, TX this weekend. Despite being last minute, I grabbed one of the last five slots and drove down Saturday morning bright and early to play in this two day, 5 round, 2000 point tournament. Before I begin the coverage I would like to say this was one of the most fun tournaments I've ever been to. There was literally a bar in the gaming hall with $2 beers on tap! However as a result my attention was given up to drinking and my tournament coverage suffered...

Here are some of the models and armies that caught my eye this weekend... 

Like I said, I spent much more time drinking this weekend than taking pics for tournament coverage so I'll skim my results. My record was 2 wins/2 loses/1 draw and almost in that order. My list can be found a few posts down but was basically a gun line SM army with Sicarius, Librarian with Null Zone and 10 Termis on foot as far as close combat. READ GAME THREE that "internet" guy

Game: 1
Mission: Seize Ground/Pitched Battle
Opponent: IG... Sid from Dallas (not the guy from Pulpfiction)
Results: Win 20/20

Sid was an excellent first round opponent with a cool steal legion IG army. His list was a lot like one I took to last year's WarGames Con: Lots of vets in chimeras and Vendetas with Russes and 50 infantry on foot combined into two big blog squads. Like a lot of IG lists he started out pounding me with shooting but by the time it got to turn 7 his army had lost a lot of steam and didn't advance enough to contest my objectives. The Scouts were definetly the men of the match... outflanked and killed a chimer and vets inside, then threw krak grenades onto a Russ until it died, then scored an objective AND a table quarter nice work for a 150 pt squad with transport!

Sid's Vendeta had an excellent airbrush job that the picture fails to show unfortunately.

Mission: Capture and Control/Spear Head
Opponent: Black Templars... Matt (from Austin who I play almost every tournament locally)
Results: Win 20/20

Matt had Termis in LR, a couple min las/plas squads, cyclone termis on foot, a vindi, a typhoon and a couple rhinos with crusader squads each with an IC. Oh poor Matt, despite seizing the initiative on me he only managed to shake a single transport in his shooting phase and in return my Landspeeder Storm popped the Vindi and the Scouts inside popped the LR. The game pretty much went downhill from there... we met in the middle and had it out shown in pic two below, leaving just a handful of my models to go contest his objective in pic three.

Game: 3
Mission: KPs/Dawn of War
Opponent: an internet celebrity (his words)
Results: Effectively Tabled in 2 Turns 4/20

Dark Eldar Army... 5 Venoms with 5 models inside (one blaster each), 3 Venoms with 4 models inside (4 blasters each), 3 Ravegers, one Raider with witches, and a small unit of Beast Masters. In conclusion 16 Splinter Cannons and 10 Dark Lances on Vehicles and 17 Blasters inside said vehicles.

Instead of detailing what happened in the game, I will just relay some of the more memorable quotes from out conversation after the game...

"I think you should consider what it takes for a competitive build".

"I wouldn't expect your army to be on the top table in round three". 

"There is only one person [in the game] having fun because one person is winning and the other person is losing, that is what the game is about".

And only because he claimed to be an "internet celebrity" I was able to find some of his posts on Daka and pulled these gems...

"My 40k gaming is nothing but a search for people who are better than me. Finding them is a nettle in a hay stack".

"I think that I am the winningest 40k player in the world. I've traveled coast to coast in the US".

Game: 4 
Mission: Capture and Control/Pitched
Opponent: Tyranids... Kenny from Dallas
Results: Draw 8/20 (game ended turn 5 to both our disappointment)

Wish I grabbed a picture of his army because he was a great opponent with a cool list. He actually took a brood of 3 Fexes and attached a Prime to them, nice. I got a fairly major rule wrong early on (that he let me slide on anyway) which let to his 8 man Warrior unit dying so I gave him best game because I felt like a douche.

Game: 5 
Mission: Seize Ground/ Dawn of War
Opponent: Blood Angels... Philip 
(again from Dallas lol at least I didn't have to play anyone from Houston!)
Results: Loss 4/20

Opponent had two Land Raiders and two Las/Plas razorbacks all with 5 Assault Marines inside, Mephiston, 2 Baal Preds, 2 Daka Preds and a Furioso in a Pod. Game summary: at the end of turn 7, I still had 10 out of 11 heavy weapons alive and on the board and yet not a single one of his 8 tanks was even immobilized, let alone destroyed... damn you dice!

Again had an awesome time, just wish I did a better job with the pix. June is A-Con in Dallas and July in WarGames Con in Austin... the Texas IGT circuit has begun!

About a third of the crew from Austin enjoying some San Antonio Tex Mex during the lunch break day one.


  1. Yep, DashofPepper is definitely an internet douchebag... it was a little surprising hearing from people that he was a d-bag in real life too. Most of them that I've met turn out to be pretty nice guys. I've talked to 4 out of 5 of the people he played and they all said it was a terrible game and he was an asshole...

  2. I've had bad games at tournaments before that have ruined all the fun for me in the past, but this game was quite the opposite. The shit he was saying about me and my models was so rude and mind boggoling that instead of getting mad I just laughed in his face. He had a lolcat on his shirt with his internet name on, compounded with what those quotes, was absolutely hilarious!


  3. Why not play a Houston Guy.... LOL

  4. you Austin guys take the 40k and fantasy game to the next level, by incorporating fun with friendship and laughs. I enjoy playing you guys and will make it a habit.

  5. The houston guys are a lot of fun, and I usually play at least one of them. I was glad to see at least a couple people from houston placed.


  6. Agreed, since BFG poofed we haven't had as many chances to play them and it kinda sucks. They added a little more flavor to the mix of players.