Saturday, October 1, 2011

Scout Sergeants; the only good thing in the unit

I've been messing around with a Shriek list in my last couple of games. I lost both of them but got me thinking about what I would need to add to my collection to make a Shriek list work for me... solution; more scouts?

 not the best pics but it was done quicly
 plasma gun/sniper sergeant, never seen one so we'll see how it goes

 Back slung Sniper Rifle.
 I always thought that SM power fists looked awkwardly large on scout arms. 
 Teleport Homer.
This is an old old Catachan power fist with a Cadian flamer hose and some putty.


  1. I use the old RTB001 power fist for my scout sergeants, they are a bit smaller and fit the sizing better.

    Are you sure you can have a sniper rifle and a combi-plasma?

  2. No, I'm not sure, but I've seen people take a power fist and sniper rifle so I figure it's okay. lol

    Do you have a pic of your pf anywhere?

  3. Actually I just re-read the list and you are ok. Swap rifle for boltgun and combi-plasma for bolt pistol.

    I don't have any pics up of the scout or my space sharks Calgar who uses one too, but I will get you a pic when I can (all packed up - moving soon)

    It is for the right arm. Here's a pic of the sprue. I might have a spare if you wanted more PFist scout sergeants.