Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year's Resolution 2012

Happy New Years fellow WH nerds. It is that time of year again to look back at last year's resolutions and make new ones!

First lets look at the resolutions I made last year concerning my three army projects and how close I came to completing them.
paint 1500points of my new Dark Eldar army.
first was the worst, I only painted 300points for this army. I really didn't have much motivation to paint this army since I was starting it from scratch and only played one game with them all year. FAIL

paint a further 1000points of Mantis Warriors and finally put decals on all the infantry and tanks. DONT BUY 
I far surpassed this goal. I painted almost 1500pts of Space Marines which has really expanded my range of models. I also don't think that I bought anything new for them so that was 1500pts of models I already owned; double score.

paint 1000points of Plague Marines.
I hit this one right on the nose. My goal was to paint 1000pts of Nurgle for WARgames Con and I did it just in time!

Paint 1000pts of Dark Eldar for WarGames Con team tournament. 
This goal seems a little more realistic than last year's. Eldar are very difficult to paint so I should shoot for a smaller army to get done. This goal also has a hard deadline; having to be finished in time for the Con mid Summer.

Paint a further 1000pts of Space Marines without buying anything new!
This goal shouldn't be too hard to complete. I have so many unpainted SMs in my collection but with 6th edition on the horizon, buying new models will be hard to resist lol.

Paint 500pts of Chaos Nurgle Marines, unless Codex Chaos Legions comes out, then 1000pts of Nurgle!
I think this will be the hardest to complete, simply because every model has to be sculpted fist and already made the fun units (possessed, raptors, Prince) which only leaves me basic Plague Marines. However if the codex comes out before the end of the year I'm sure that will be ample motivation to get the army complete, thus the additional points to paint.

At least one blog post a week with real content.
I am starting my second full year of blogging and I want to be more constant. I hope to have more than one a week. 

alright; almost a minimum sized troop choice done!


  1. You gotta add some free hand to all of them! On the helmet of the one with the DE helmet, on the knees of the grenade tosser. I don't know how well that one with the high elf legs and driver torso is fitting in though...

    What are you doing for that Venom again?

  2. That one with the high elf legs is my favorite! I will add free hand to all of them once I decide which models go in which units. This first batch were just the first ready to be painted.

    DL hasn't had a Venom the last three times I've been there so I still don't have one yet. Just threw down on a FW order so I'll be getting some of those Corsair Beatle wings in the mail soon for some Scourges.


  3. you should add those FW pieces to actual scourge models with different heads!