Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The "NEW" Infiltrating Speed Lord

I don't know about anyone else but I am very excited about a new Chaos Codex coming out sometime in the next few months. I have been hard at work swelling (bloating) the ranks of my Death Guard army lately and have been looking back at C: Chaos 3.5 for inspiration.

Does anyone else remember the Infiltrating Speed Lord? Due to the shenanigans that was the chaos wargear page you could construct a Chaos Lord with Infiltrate and "daemonic speed" which made him Cavalry (fleet and 12" charge). Every army had their flavor of Speed Lord; my Nurgle one had S5, T5 and +D6 attacks. 

This was a very silly HQ choice that by the end of the book everyone was abusing. However when the current Chaos Codex came out in 4th edition everyone quit the Lord and went back to the Daemon Prince; either with I6 and Lash or T5 and Warp Time. In what could be considered a competitive Chaos list you never saw a Chaos Lord (besides Abadon). 

Now that both Lash and Warptime have been nerfed in the most recent FAQ I think the Chaos Lord has become a much more attractive option; especially with some loopholes in the wargear section that hark back to C:Chaos 3.5...

My current Lord has Mark of Nurgle, Wings (12" move), melta bombs and Daemon weapon (+D6 attacks, poison, pw). For some reason according to the FAQ if your IC has "wings" and not a "jump pack" he can ride in a Rhino. WTF?!? So that means he rolls with a unit 12" up inside the vehicle first turn then 2nd turn can move a further 12" and still assault. 

The Infiltrating Speed Lord of old was particularly great at getting to the enemy quickly before they could do anything to stop them. I hope that in the twilight months of the 4th edition Chaos Codex we will be seeing more of this type of HQ. In the local 1850 tournament next month I plan on taking two!

~has anyone else been working on or using their Chaos lately in anticipation for the new book? What do you think about the Chaos Lord now and his validity in an army instead of a Daemon Prince?


  1. I've been playing with my chaos more lately in anticipation. I usually play with a sorc instead of a lord, but thats because I play Tzeentch. I think there are alot of fun things in the chaos book but I really look forward to what we will be getting.

  2. There is something to be said for going back and playing with an older book. When you aren't necessarily trying to be competitive you'd be surprised at the fun things you can get out of the book.