Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Got my first Mordheim game under my belt and although my warband faired well in combat against the men of Middenheim, my post game rolling was pretty crappy...

Kagan Witch Burner's Devoted enter the City of the Damned to face the unclean.

A band of men from Middenheim are spotted looting a portion of the evil city and a challenge is issued.

Old Man Lex and Benny the Red take aim with Snipey the Tillian Marksmen on the approaching Wolf Men.

Only Snipey's aim is true enough to catch one of the enemy in the open, but most of the bolt's velocity was lost at such long range and only knocked a Swordsman down.

The rest of the Warband follow Kegan behind a burnt out building while another volley of crossbow bolts are sent into the Middenheimers. This being the boy's first battle, the poor Youngblood hadn't learnt the finer points of evasion when running in the open and was taken out by the Tillian. Boy will have that Old Battle Wound for the rest of his days...

The Middenheimers learn to hide behind buildings...

... and ambush the Warhounds Toothy and James! Both pups are taken out along with the Flagellants Ivan and Dieter. Now on the second story of the building, the Snipey the Tillian took careful aim and shot one of the Champions in the arm before being charged by the other. Drawing his Sword Snipey showed the Middenheimer how it's done in Tillia and knocked him from the second story before jumping down after him easily taking him out of action! 

Fierce fighting in the street sees the Zealot crawl away.

Ganging up on the Swordsmen does nothing.

... but Kegan shoots the Middenheim Captain in the eye!

Post battle: although my Tillian Marksmen took out three enemies in the game (two from shooting and one in combat) his level up only and got him Leadership 8!!! ugh. To make matters worse both Flagellants died; only 110 gc lost there. I was able to buy back one Flagellant with my earnings but I feel I took a step back after with battle. 

GAME TWO: Chance Encounter