Sunday, October 3, 2010


I made some progress on getting my Mordheim warband together for our upcoming campaign in Austin. Still not sure when it will start so I am not in a huge rush to get it done. Above is my captain and his trusted Warhounds. The captain still needs some work. I have a cross bow pistol I still need to add and his paint job needs some touch ups.

Here are all my Heroes that I worked on today. On the Right is my Warrior Priest armed with shield and hammer. Second from the Right is a Witch Hunter with pistol sword and buckler. Middle is Captain. The two on the Left are my WIP Witch Hunters with Cross Bows. They were totally bitz box bashes. The one of the right was missing a foot, and I couldn't find it. He will have a putty peg leg and both will have putty chain mail sleeves and other equipment.

I've never played with Witch Hunters so I am pretty excited. Anyone else out there ever used them?

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