Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolution

Well it is the time of the year that everyone is making their resolutions to stop smoking and start exorcising. As a raging Warhammer nerd my resolutions will all be miniature painting related.

paint 1500points of my new Dark Eldar army.
~this should be fun, it has been a long time since I have started an army from scratch. I kept the goal low because I still have lots of other half finished projects I'd like to see finished this year too.

paint a further 1000points of Mantis Warriors and finally put decals on all the infantry and tanks. DONT BUY ANYTHING NEW!
~I have far more than 1000points of Space Marines unpainted. This goal is mostly to motivate me to finally  paint all the Space Hulk Terminators and make all the models I do have painted look legit with the decals FerroMike made for me off the BolterandChainsword site.

paint 1000points of Plague Marines.
~I sold off 40 hand sculpted Plague Marines that I made back in 2003 for a GT in Dallas to buy the beginnings of my Dark Eldar army. The Nurgle pretty much never saw table top play unless it was an Apocalypse game or a team tournament with Aventine. I would really like to remake a small force in time for the BoLS Con team tournament this summer.

If I can get this much completed before the next year it will be by far my most productive year of warhammer hobbying that I have ever had. I am generally a very slow painter so I hope this motivates me to pick up the brush with greater speed. 


  1. If you do the Plague Marines I will make us a bad ass combo display board... you going to get FW bits?

  2. I thought about the FW bitz but they don't lend themselves to my style of putty work so I think it will be all scratch building again. Don't worry though, 1000points means I only need to make a dozen infantry, a daemon prince and some Rhinos.