Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Talos Pain Dragon

My girlfriend surprised me today with a late Christmas present in the mail; a Carnosaur! Well it was a Carnosaur until it got folded into my Exodite army as a counts as Talos. I used the old Metal High Elf Dragon rider legs, a Dark Elf Coldone Knight torso, a couple random Eldar arms and a DE Witch head for the rider. The weapon and mounting are bitz from an Eldar Viper. Still work in progress at the moment with lots of mold lines to putty over. 

It is raining here in Texas so I hope to have it ready to be sprayed by the time it dries up because I'd really like to get this guy painted up ASAP!

Thoughts about the viability of a giant lizard as a Talos would be appreciated...

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