Friday, August 5, 2011

Retrofitting Guard Tanks

While I plan to update my Imperial Guard army to become more competitive, I also would like to add some off beat units to the collection so I can have some fun with them too. Probably the main reason the Guard have been on the shelf so long is because I could tell my opponents weren't having any fun playing against them either.

Here is the beginnings of my Eradicator Nova Cannon turret. I used this tank recently against an Eldar army. I deployed it horribly out of position, but still managed to let loose a shot that killed almost an entire Seer Council! 
 Yes that is triple heavy flamers! Such a terrible choice.

I picked up a broken Hellhound off a friend of mine recently and have been working on turning it into yet another Chimera... that puts me up to 5! Yeah not really a good thing...

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