Thursday, August 18, 2011

WarGames Con Narrative Tract Review: PART 2

Hello again folks, this is the second post in a series detailing my experience playing in the WarGames Con Narrative Tract. In this article I will talk about my preparation for the NT, what army I took and which table I decided to fight on and for which side.

The Narrative Tract is unique to WarGames Con and instead of 7 competitive games, it is comprised of four really big Apocalypse games! The past three years BigRed has run the Narrative show; not only has he been in charge of choosing awesome setting from the Warhammer Universe to stage the Apocalypse battles and written the missions for the games, he has also been the head judge/arbiter (more on that later). Because of the popularity of this event there have been enough participants to fill multiple NTs each year, so players can choose which battle to play in.
BoLS Con 2009 had three NT tables, each for one of the Campaign Books BoLS had released to date: Horus Heresy, Macharian Crusade, and Badab War and in 2010 the three themes were taken from FW books. This year there was a lot of discussion as to where to draw the themes from. 13th Black Crusade and Macrage were both discussed but when FW announced that they would be releasing their own version of the Badab War (EDIT: unofficially inspired by the BoLS book) we decided that had to be one of the tables again. Since Badab is essentially SM on SM, the Third Armageddon War seemed like a perfect theme that could accommodate pretty much everything else army wise.

The choice of table was a no brainer for me since I built my Mantis Warriors army specifically for the BoLS Badab campaign book; however deciding what to take in my army was somewhat more difficult. The NT calls for a 3000 point army and I certainly wasn't going to bring any unpainted models. I don't have any Super Heavies in my collection, and although there were PDF that fought on the side of the Separatists during the Badab War, I knew I wanted to take an exclusively Mantis Warrior army.

I had never fielded 3000pts of Mantis Warriors at one time before, so although I had that many points painted in my collection, I didn't have a good Apoc army. With still several months to go until WarGames Con I set to work expanding my collection of painted Space Marines. In the end there were still a couple more units I would have liked to add to the Apoc army but simply ran out of time. It also did not help that at the same time I was building from scratch a 1000pt chaos army for the team tournament. The army I ended up bringing was as follows...

Captain Mantodea
Assault Terminators
Landraider Redeemer

Jump Captain
Jump Chaplain
Assault Marines

Tranquility Snipers
Tactical Squad; Rhino
Tactical Squad; Rhino
Tactical Squad; Rhino

Scouts Squad; Landspeeder Storm
Attack Bikes

Devestator Squad
Devestator Squad
Thunder Fire Cannon

I've noticed in big Apoc games most people over look scoring units and go for the big Super Heavies and lots and lots of tanks. Apoc games are also usually really close and come down to just one objective; which is insane considering how many models are on the board! What few infantry units there are on the table are usually pretty fragile and left unsupported on objectives. With this in mind I designed my Apoc list to be really infantry heavy with lots of scoring units to hold the few objectives on the board. I also stacked both a Captain and a Chaplain in my two combat units so that they could actually do some damage quickly on the charge without bogged down.

So there you have it guys, another chapter in my review of the Narrative Tract at WarGames Con. Next time I'll talk about the missions and the people I played with. Good times!  

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