Friday, February 24, 2012

Gearing up for Alamo

So the Texas GT season is right around to corner starting off with Alamo in San Antonio, TX. This is a great event held in a beer hall of all places. The last two years I've brought my Mantis Warriors will middle of the road success. In my opinion the Alamo tournament is not a supper competitive event so I really want to bring something fun rather that overly powerful. At the end of the game I want to drink beer with my opponent and not worry about the win loss record. As a result I'd really like to brining my Nurgle Chaos Space Marines to a proper GT before the end of 5th edition and the new Chaos Codex!

Daemon Prince; mark of nurgle, wings
Lord; mark of nurgle, wings, daemon weapon
Summoned Greater Daemon

Plague Marines*7; champion, power fist, melta*2, icon

Plague Marines*7; champion, melta*2, icon

Summoned Lesser Daemons*6
Summoned Lesser Daemons*6

Possessed*10; champion, icon of nurgle
Rhino; ex armor, dozer blade


~the nice thing about this army is that even though the tournament is still 3 months away (May) I only have to build about 10 more models and another Rhino... of course if the Chaos book comes out before then it will be a whole different story!

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