Friday, February 24, 2012

Hanging About; Not being Idle...

Last week Dragons Layer did something really cool; they hosted a "Mentor Tournament" to encourage new players to get into the tournament scene. To do this they paired someone who has never played in a tournament with someone who has played in a lot of them. Veteran teamed with Newbe. 

I showed up having no idea who I would be teamed with and in the spirit of the fun tournament I took a 1000 point army with a lot of scouts and no special characters. Unfortunately for our opponents my 13 year old teammate Sam took Gaz and 6 Mega Nobz who carried us to victory in every game... At the the end of the tournament Dragons Layer gave a $20 gift certificate to each of the 18 new players. 

Picture from game two: SM&Orks vs father and son team Necrons&Deathwing

Gearing up for the GT circuit means making terrain so a few weeks ago the locals gathered at Darkwyn's house to build BoLS terrain for WarGames Con. This was the first time I've made it to one of these terraing building days and I had a lot of fun and glue on my fingers.
AdamHarry blogging instead of helping... unlike me lol

Cutting foam hills... the spell of burning polystyrene traveled all the way inside.

Flames of War trees... can't have enough.

JWolf building the Wizard's Tower... over 4 hours and three different people working on it and it still wasn't done.

There was food and beer... did I mention it was fun?

Last night I went to Dragon's Layer to get my weekly game in. I really wanted to take the Eldar Corsairs but they just aren't ready yet so instead I built an interesting Chaos army using what Nurgle models I have and some old old old Legion of the Damned as Tzentch units. I played against Caldera's Dark Eldar; expect a BoLS Battle Report in a couple of weeks... 

 On the table next to us the fabled Leaf Blower faced off against BigRed's undefeated Tau army for another BoLS Battle Report... fun times.

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  1. Do you think you'll get as much hate mail for this bat rep as the last one? ;)