Sunday, July 22, 2012

Eldar Corsair Prince

Fusion Pistol and Shimmer Shield; only 15pts!

With the use of Allies in 6th edition I think a mix of Corsair and Dark Eldar units will best represent my  alliance of Corsairs and Exodites. A particularly interesting combo I discovered is to attach the Dark Eldar Baron and a Corsair Prince to a unit of Beast Masters.

The Baron gives the unit Stealth, assault and defensive grenades and Hit and Run.
The Corsair Prince has a Shimmer Shield, giving the unit a 5++ save in close combat.
Although the Prince can only move 6" a turn, he can have a jet pack so he will lag behind in the movement phase and then catch up with the 2D6 movement in the assault phase if they don't charge.


  1. Maybe it is the angle of the pic, but the head doesn't look like it fits super well...

  2. Speaking of the helmet do you need it? I'm not sure how it ended up in my bitz but it is obviously yours.

  3. "Need" may be a strong word, but I do probably have a headless Farseer somewhere.