Friday, July 6, 2012

First 6th Edition Game: 1000pts IG vs Fire Hawks

Tonight I tried out the new rules with Realgenius (Jim) tonight, and of course had lots of fun. 

Since this was the first game and all I didn't have a real grasp on the wound allocation part of the game, but that will just come with practice. There were a couple of times I left important models out in cold which were quickly picked off.

I ended up winning the game but it hardly mattered as it was both our first game with the new rules and neither of us had particularly powerful lists.

Things I liked:
Cover: We didn't have any ruins so everything was 5+ save. I think most IG armies will contain at least one Battle Tank now. NTM Stealth and Camo cloaks stack now so there are a few units here and there that can still get good cover... Harker and Telion can both do this if you pay the points for it.

Wall of Death: Over watching with flamers is pretty cool! I had 4 flamers in a chimera and they killed three Vanguard Vets before they got assaulted! 

Fliers: My Vendetta didn't come in until turn 4, but when it did that Stormraven was toast. I wonder if I will ever put anything inside of it now or just use it as a gun platform? As is, it is one of the best units at shooting other fliers out of the sky.

Psychers: I took a Sanctioned Psycher as well as a Psychic Battle Squad. Combined they did a lot of damage... Psychic Shreek does 3D6 wounds minus the enemy leadership. This combined with PBS reducing the Ld to 2 made for a pretty ridiculous combo. I think the PBS will be coming back into my army. I had dropped them for a while but I can't pass up that combo.   


  1. I forgot that my Vanguard is a mixed-save unit (Sarge with Storm Shield), so he might have saved a few more of those Psychic Shriek wounds.

    It seemed like psykers and flyers were good and fun, and in general everything got a lot deadlier. I feel like we were going pretty slow, but it didn't actually take that much time of actual game-time. I think 6th might be a bit faster for games once we get a good handle on it.

  2. And we also forgot to do a Challenge when my Reclusiarch met your Commissar and Primaris Psyker at the end.

  3. Yeah I remembered about challenges after the game ended. That would have been a really good idea. The S6 Chaplain would destroy anybody who excepted the challenge so I'd have to decline, then you could force the Commissar to not fight.

    Question: if a commissar can't fight you can't use his Ld, does he still make the unit stubborn? Probably not right?

    If not, then challenging would be an excellent way to win that combat when it is just a S6 Character fighting alone... might have to take a Lord Commissar just to have the resilience... or a Librarian.... or Lysander.