Monday, February 14, 2011

2/12/2011 Tournament 2500pts

In my last post I talked about the army list I would be taking to the 2500pt hobby tournament at my FLAGS over the weekend; well here is how it shook down.

Tournament Rules:
max two Heavy Support
min 1 Fast Attack 
max 4 Fast Attack
if you take only one Heavy Support and none as Dedicated Transports you get a single re-roll per game turn!

Deployment: Spear Head
Mission: Sieze Ground (5 objectives)
Special Rules: Night Fight for 6 Turns
Bonus: None
Opponent: Stoneychavez (Chaos SM)

My opponent's army had...
Abadon with 4 Khorn terminators riding in Landraider, Summoned Greater Daemon, Khorn Lord with Daemon weapon, 2 rhinos with Khorn Bezerkers, 1 rhino with Plague Marines, 6 MoN bikes and a Defiler. He did not get the special reroll because he had two heavies.

The mission was a lot like the old 3rd and 4th edition night fight mission. Set up in table quarters and then spread out over the whole board going after objectives. Out two armies smashed into each other and took a ton of casualties. On the last turn his Landraider was able to punch through my lines and contest one of my two objectives while my Assault Marines failed to dislodge a unit of Plague Marines off one of his two objectives so game ended in tie. Awesome game against someone I had never played before.

Game Lows and Highs
Low: Sicarius gave one Tactical Squad tank hunters and despite three close range melta shots in the game did not even scratch the land raider! >:(
High: Same Tactical Squad with tank hunters was able to lay low a Defiler with S7 krak grenade!

Deployment: Pitched Battle
Mission: Kill Points
Special Rules: Everything is difficult ground for movement. 
Bonus: +3 points for killing an HQ, +1 for killing most expensive unit
Opponent: Wes (Blood Angels)

My opponent had...
Dante, Librarian, 2 jump pack Assault Squads, 1 Assault Squad in Land Raider, death company in razorback, 2 attack bike w/ multi-melta, baal pread, 10 shooty terminators, and vindicator. Again opponent did not have the reroll.

I was pretty upset at the mission of this round. We were encourage to take lots of Fast Attack but in this game those became a liability with all the dangerous terrain checks... oh well. Early on I was up quite a few KPs but soon Dante came to bear and killed Sicarius and about three other KPs. I ended up losing by 3 KPs, ouch.

Game Lows and Highs
Low: I hate Dante; I charged him with Sicarius and my command squad. Sicarius dead and Dante hit and ran away! errrr
High: His Vindicator immobilized its self first turn, unable to get in range for the entire game.

Deployment: Spear Head
Mission: One Objective 
Special Rules: Single objective in center of board can be picked up by Troops and moved towards own table corner. All models have Fleet for this game, but cannot run with objective nor ride in a transport.
Bonus: +1 for each FA choice you kill
Opponent: Nathan (Chaos SM)

My opponent had...
Karn the Betrayer, Summoned Greater Daemon, winged Daemon Prince, 5 oblits, three MoCG chaos marine units, two Bezerker units in rhinos, 3! chosen loaded with melta and plasma in rhinos and... a single SPAWN!

This was another great game but really, due to my trickery, he had no chance. I managed to pull the objective 24" towards my corner of the board in 6 turns.

Game Lows and Highs
Low: non, awesome game
High: Sicarius gave one tac squad scout. Before the game started I scouted them onto the objective and since I had first turn, I was able to begin moving it towards my side before he even could move. Since his Daemon Prince had fleet now he was able to assault them first turn which was cool but my assault squad made short work of him.

all in all was a great tournament with three really fun games. Even though I sucked it up over all, I had a good time.

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