Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Up Coming Tournament List Thoughts

The FLAGS tournament scene in Austin this month promises to be a little more interesting with the edition of a second event, a "hobby tournament". In hopes of inspiring less traditional tournament lists; the following special Force Organizational restrictions will be in place...

2500 pt "hobby tournament"
1) max one Special Character
2) max two Heavy Support
3) minimum one Fast Attack
4) max four Fast Attack
5) Special Rule: if you only take one Heavy Support and none taken as a Dedicated Transport, you gain a free re-roll to be taken at any point each full turn!

I play tested an IG army for the tournament today against Aventine's Lamenters... after  nearly being tabled I decided to switch to Space Marines. As far back as I can remember I've been taking Kahn in a Land Raider with an Assault Terminator squad and a large portion of the force out flanking. In hopes of inspiring something new and interesting for myself; Sicarius will be my single special character and I am dropping the Land Raider for the first time since I painted the damn thing.


Space Marines; Mantis Warriors

(200) Captain Sicarius

(200) Command Squad*5 (115); apothecary, company champion (15), power fist (25), lightning claw (15), storm shield*2 (30)
(75) Razorback (40); assault cannon (35)

(125) Chaplain (100); jump pack (15), digi-lasers (10)

(200) Assault Terminators*5 (200); thunder hammer*3, lightning claws*2

(210) Terminators*5 (200); heavy flamer (5), chain fist (5)

(160) Sternguard Veterans*6 (150); combi-plasma*2 (10)
(80) Razorback (40); twin-plasma, lascannon (35), dozer blade (5)

(210) Tactical Squad*10 (170); power fist (25), combi-melta (10), melta gun (5), missile launcher
(35) Rhino

(210) Tactical Squad*10 (170); power fist (25), combi-melta (10), melta gun (5), missile launcher
(35) Rhino

(215) Tactical Squad*10 (170); power fist (25), plasma gun (10), lascannon (10)
(45) Drop Pod; locator beacon (10)

(95) Scouts (75); combi-melta (10), heavy bolter (10)

(65) Land Speeder Storm (50); multi-melta (10)

(240) Assault Marines*10 (190); twin lightning claws (30), flamer*2 (20)

(100) Thunderfire Cannon

I am very interested to see how this army plays, especially the special rules form Sicarius. I've never used a command squad before and the only times I've used an Assault Squad it performed terribly. But hell, taking a ton of Space Marines is never bad...


  1. Damn dude, you managed to get 5 more LD10 guys on the board than me!

  2. I also have more FNP models than you! Lets just hope we don't have to fight against each other in round one again... Neither of our armies are really designed to kill 60+ Space Marines that wont be failing Ld tests :/