Friday, February 25, 2011

Chaplain Thoughts

Everyone in Austin seems to be getting ready for Adepticon but I've got my eyes set on a tournament just a little further down the road. Alamo 40K May 14-15th in San Antonio, Texas. I played there last year and had a blast (tournament held in a drinking hall, nice), although I went 1W-2L-2D on the weekend with my Mantis Warriors. This year I hope to fair a little better which has got me pondering over which Chaplain to take...?

The signature of my Mantis Warriors is a Death Star comprising of a Land Raider Redeemer filled with Assault Terminators led by Kahn. That makes Terminators with Furious Charge and Hit and Run with a character that causes Instant Death on a roll of a 6 to wound in combat. To top the unit off I throw in a Chaplain for fearless and to make sure Kahn hits enough times to land a 6 to wound on the charge. 

Cassius has been my go to man for a while because he makes an outstanding body guard with T6 and FNP. Often times I put him in contact with a hidden power fist to suck up any would be instant kill attacks on Kahn. He is also a steal at only +25 points over a standard Chaplain. The problem is that Chaplains only have 3 Attacks when not charging, which leaves something to be desired from an offensive point of view.

Lately however I've considered running a normal Chaplain with Digital Lasers. When Codex: SM first came out I scoffed at this upgrade. +10 points to only re-roll once to wound a turn. Why take that when Lightning Claws can re-roll all to wounds? Well obviously Chaplains can't take LCs and with so few attacks, being able to re-roll once to wound often times turns no kills into one kill, which makes it easily worth the points for a model with S4!

So the question is; do I go for defensive power or offensive power in my Death Star unit? Both have proved to be well worth the investment but I can only choose one.


  1. Considering the fact that this chaplain will be in a deathstar unit, and the purpose thereof is to be both killy and surviveable, I'd go for Cassius. Also, as a secondary bonus, hes a less well known character, so there arent particularily many well known strategies to take him out

  2. True there aren't a lot of strategies on killing him. Most of the time opponents are blind sided by his Toughness 6. In one game against a CSM player, Cassius soaked up the attacks from two Warp Timed Daemon Princes in one round of combat. That left my Terminators full strength who took both DPs out in return! lol


  3. Well, being a Chaos Space Marine player, now I know what not to do with my Daemon Princes lol.