Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Landspeeder Storm... and other WIP fun.

I've taken a break from painting Exodite Dragons to get a few models finished in time for a couple local tournaments. This model is done, but still needs its back passengers painted and magnetized.

Added a Wolf Scout head for a little extra flavor for the crazed scout pilot.

The weapon is removable so I can switch it out with the other options (assault cannon, heavy bolter, or heavy flamer). The gunner's foot is also magnetized so he can shift depending on the size of the gun.

The Mantis Warrior Special Character in the IA:10 Badab book gives the army Chapter Tactics: Infiltrate so I figure an on foot command squad would be fun to use. I look forward to painting these soon.


  1. Looks nice, what are you using for your base color? Have you thought about doing a step by step guide to how you paint your mantis warriors?

  2. Thanks for the comment Rath. I use Knarloc Green as the base coat for my Mantis Warriors and would be glad to post at guide on how I paint them. Look for it later this week.