Monday, May 21, 2012

Alamo 40K Tournament 2012: Random Pics from the Hall

So the Alamo 40k tournament in San Antonio, TX is in the book. It was a fantastic time as always but this year was possibly the most fun yet. A huge thanks to all the tournament organizers, the location manager, and to MarkT who I asked to car pool with about 4 hours before we left! Also a big thumbs up to having a bar in the tournament with cheap beer and a big thumbs down to Minus6 for "Icing" me (if you don't know what that is, look it up on YouTube lol).

Tomorrow I will take the time to do my Game Report which had an interesting outcome to say the least... for now here are all the random pics I got from the weekend that weren't specifically from my games. Enjoy...

this army placed in Player's choice

those crazy pretorians are really red!

Joe won best sportsman while playing leaf blower!!! I imagine people were like "I beat the fabled Leaf Blower, this must have been the BEST GAME EVER against mech IG" lol. Congrats Crusher Joe, best sportsman has got to be the hardest thing to win, especially this year that had the least "bad game" votes ever at Alamo!

 look at all the melta guns...

this army also had 17 melta guns... Minus6 had to play it two years in a row!

Colby from H-Town brought the guard again but added some models from the Guard army he won in the Heroes of Armageddon charity raffle

this guys army was cool but I had no idea what it was... only a small fraction were of this quality, the rest were okay painted SW

fun fact: San Antonio has a lot of Mexican eateries lol

Jay won 3rd best Appearance with his Death wing for the second year in a row!

this army won 2nd best army (or players choice I don't recall)

dammit Rustle, really? 9 rhinos!?

this army won players choice, lots of excellent conversions

I think this guy won best painted, not sure, he won something i know that. 

love those Deathwatch!

MarkT and Kenny Hill duke it out in round 5!

on a side note, MarkT thought hellfire rounds were poisoned 4+ lol

GK v leaf blower

possibly the two slowest players in the tournament paired up in round 5... their game took the whole 3hrs and didn't finish!

I'm glad someone had fun

So there you have it folks. The first tournament in the Texas IGT circuit is in the bag. Everyone had a great time as always. I probably won't make it to A-Con but am excited about WarGames Con in 5 weeks!

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