Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blast From the Past: Chaos Marines 3.5

As we sit in the twilight of 5th edition searching for a way to make the game interesting and fun while we pine for new rules; especially us Chaos Marine players...

...BigRed over on BoLS had the idea to pit OLD codecs against NEW ones and post the Video Battle Reports on BoLS. So here is the list I have written up using Chaos Codex: 3.5 You remember the "good" codex right?

Chaos Lord; MoN, Infiltrate, Daemonic Flight, D. Mutation, D. Strength, Manreaper, spikey bitz, melta bomb
~so this guy is a beast: infiltrating, jump infantry, T5, S5, and between 6-11 attacked on the charge with a re-roll lol
Great Unclean One; Wind of Chaos
~this guy isn't as good as the Daemon Codex one but 6wounds is always good. He can also move and charge the turn he comes in!

Possessed*7; MoN*7, D. Talons*7, champion; D. Mutation, Plague Sword
Rhino; ex armor, smoke
~I love me some Possessed! These guys aren't too different from the current dex except you buy their daemonic ability instead of rolling for it. These guys have S5, T5 and the OLD RENDING! NTM the champion has a Plague Sword... S5 power weapon that instant kills on a 4+

Possessed*7; MoN*7, D. Talons*7, champion; D. Mutation, lightning claw
Rhino; ex armor, smoke

Chaos Marines*7; MoN*7, melta*2, champion; power fist
Rhino; ex armor, smoke
~so pretty similar to the new Codex but without FNP or defensive grenades for a few points cheeper. Essentially this is why I like the new dex better because PM were pretty lame back then.

Chaos Marines*7; MoN*7, melta*2, champion; Daemonic Vessel, D. Chains, great weapon
Rhino; ex armor, smoke
~the unit champion is marked as the Daemonic Vessel which means my Greater Daemon will pop out of him. Until then he has S7+1 for his great sword. The D. Chains allow him to re-roll to dice to possess to make sure he comes in at just the right second!

Plague Bearers*7
~plague bearers were much better back then. For just +3pts per model they had T5 and Poison 4+ (but without the reroll) 
Plague Bearers*7

Defiler; mutated hull
~these guys weren't much different back then except fewer attacks but with improved BS... I could upgrade them to have "indirect fire" for their battle cannon, but for almost the same points I gave them Armor Value 13 on the front and sides making them far more survivable :)
Predator; twin-lascannon, 2*lascannon, mutated hull
~for only 175 this predator has AV 14/12/11 lol

So there you have it, a list using the old Dex. Look for the Video Battle Report on BoLS sometime soon!

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