Saturday, May 26, 2012

Stormtalon Thoughts

I picked up the new White Dwarf today for the rules on the Stormtalon. I have heard a lot of negative talk about the way it looks and how Landspeeders are better/cheaper. Most of all I really like the escort special rule, and I think this unit will be really useful in my Kahn list. Allowing it to escort a scoring unit that outflanks will be fantastic NTM how cool would a Landspeeder Storm and this guy look flying in together!?

Unlike a Typhoon, the Stormtalon can outflank when using the escort rule which was the main reason I didn't have any speeders in my army in the first place. If anything the Stormtalon will be replacing the Devastators in my Kahn army. My only question is what to arm it with; cyclone, storm hammer, or twin lascannon?

Unfortunately WarGames Con will not allow the Stormtalon or the Ork Fightas in the 40K tournament because no new rules cannot be used if published after May 1st. Lame I know, but they have their reasons and it is good to see them stick to their structure. 

~does anyone else plan on using one of these guys or have any thoughts on the best load out? I am looking forward to painting some Mantis Warriors again!


  1. I like the Idea of the escort. Just like you one of my first thoughts was to use it with a landspeeder storm.

    I think I'll pick up at least one if not two. I am looking forward to the kit!

    Now it is a matter of figuring out a good list to put them in.

  2. Yeah I had my list all planned out for Wargames con without one, but now they have changed their mind and said we CAN use it so I have having a real hard time moving things around without making an awkward list...

    Now I'm thinking, keep it cheap with no upgrades...