Monday, June 4, 2012

Dragon's Lair Tournament: June 3rd, 2012

This month's Dragon's Lair Tournament was just 1250pts, and as has been the case the last three months; no entry fee and no prize support. Oh well, it is still lots of fun to get three games in on one day! I busted out the Mantis Warriors so I could get comfortable using Telion and the Stormtalon. I plan on using both units at Wargames Con and both preformed admirably today. 

In all three games the Stormtalon escorted my Outflanking Landspeeder Storm. These two vehicles worked very well together as it meant some added reliability and strength since they both show up at the same time and on the same table edge! 

The first game they didn't do much against my SM opponent but games two and three were against Mech Dark Eldar... Game two the Stormtalon scratched three DE vehicles! Game three the Stormtalon only took out one DE vehicle but also blasted a Warrior unit off an objective (always nice). Telion's unit, using only sniper rifles, managed to kill three DE vehicles!

I ended up in third place and BullyMike got first with his Necrons. Storm Lord in a 1250pt list... tisk-tisk.


  1. Sounds like fun, well done on third. Did you manage to get any pictures?

  2. Unfortunately only one of my opponents had a painted army and I only took this one.

  3. Tsk? Stormlord didn't end up earning his points. I don't know that the lightning killed more than a few guardsmen the whole tournament.