Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stormtalon Gunship WIP

 Just some WIP shots of the Stormtalon. I am really liking this model...


  1. Looks AWESOME! I have three to paint...

    How did you get the arrows on top to look so nice? Freehand?

  2. It is so green, I love it.

    But I almost feel like you should make the whole engine pod yellow.

  3. @michael
    For the arrow I put a clear piece of tape down where I wanted the arrow to be and marked out the dimensions of the square.

    I then took the tape off and used a hobby knife and cut out the shape of the arrow to make a stencil. Then lined it back up on the model and painted it.

    That yellow is a horrible color to paint. Giant sections would kill me. lol

  4. How big is it compared to a Stormraven?

  5. Wow that is looking Sharp.

    Fighting the urge to buy, one.. two.. No Three..

  6. Looks great! Hoping to pick one up today hopefully. Do you have just one so far?

  7. Just the one at the moment. I hope that in 6th you can drop some HS slots for extra FA slots like some rumors have said. If that is the case I'd consider another one. With only three games played I'm still figuring it out.

    I'd say it's 1/3 the size of a storm raven but haven't put them side by side.

    I hope to post a tactica soon after a few more games. The one I read on bols today was terrible. Don't think the guy had even bought one yet...