Monday, June 25, 2012

Wargames Con 2012

Wargames Con 2012 is in the books! and boy do I feel like shit but smiling :)

I had an unbelievably awesome time this weekend playing 10 games in 3 days (which is insane). That many games is as much of a mental gauntlet as it is physical. My body is completely spent~insomnia, multiple different muscles all over by body are stiff and sore, I am physically ill and at one point I totally puked lol. 

The 40K GT boasted 150 players, out of which I finished 18th overall with a record of 4W-1T-2L. Extremely happy with that showing with my Kahn list. Played 7 great people from 7 different cites: Kansas, Mississippi, Colorado, Toronto, Dallas, Wichita Falls, and Austin. Pretty sweet spread which I think speaks very highly about the quality of the event that the BoLS guys hosted and all the networking that they do.

I will post battle reports at some point this week, but here are most pics from the Con its self. Enjoy.

 narrative tables
 tower of tzeentch

 after hours in the hotel

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