Thursday, June 7, 2012

In Defense of the Stormtalon

Okay I am pretty annoyed with all the Stormtalon hating on the interwebs, especially on BoLS. All the reviews I've read have been based on theory, not on games played or witnessed. I've now played 4 games with the new unit (one SM, one Blood Angel, and two Dark Eldar) so my review is at least based on practical application. All 4 games the Stormtalon been armed as is (twin-assault cannon & twin-heavy bolter - 130pts) and has outflanked while escorting my Landspeeder Storm.

The complaint that most people have about the ST is that it is not worth the points (130pts basic) because it is essentially a big, more expensive Landspeeder Tornado (90pts). Lets compare...
Although the ST and the Tornado are armed similarly; the ST makes much better use of them. On the ST both the HB and Assault Cannon are twin-linked which essentially gives it the fire power of TWO Razorbacks. However the biggest advantage the Stormtalon has is the 'Aerial Assault' rule which allows it to move 12" and fire BOTH weapons! When have you ever seen a Landspeeder fire both gun? This makes a huge difference, especially when you consider how short ranged the Assault Cannon is (the better of the two guns).

The other bonus the ST has over the Tornado is the 'Escort' Special Rule. which essentially allows it to show up at the same time as another unit arriving from reserve. I believe this Special Rule only makes a difference if you use the ST to escort an Outflanking which is something a Tornado cannot do.
Consider the worst part about Outflanking in a SM army; not getting any bonus to reserve rolls (possibly arriving piecemeal) and not being able re-roll what side you come in on (possibility of being unsupported or without enough strength to do anything). By Escorting a Landspeeder Storm you eliminate both of these issues. Both units arrive at the same time and on the same table edge! Individually neither is particularly menacing, but combined there is strength.

So there you have it: my reasons why the Stormtalon is not as terrible as so many people on the interwebs say it is. Granted I am not trying to say it is super amazing and belongs in every army, but what in the SM codex IS super amazing for only 130pts? The ST is certainly a unit that requires some tactical thinking and maneuvering but at the same time is a lot of fun to use and can be very rewarding to use.

Tonight I used the ST in my all Outflanking Kahn army which has lots of very short range firepower. The ST was the only unit in the army that could be considered to have "long range" firepower while still being able to move over 6". Has anyone else actuarially used or seen a ST used since it came out last week? What are people's general reaction? Sucks, okay or useful?


  1. Woooo! I like reading that dude, very cool.

    I can't wait to give mine a go once it's built, I think I will use it in the same way to support my scouts and have the storm provide a cover save for the talon if possible.

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  3. You know better than to get annoyed by the interwebs... (reposted because I mispelled annoyed and interwebs)